Creating Solid Foundations

Firth Homes Ltd is passionate about building homes that are in harmony with the environment, whilst being focused on the vision of the most discerning of home owners.

A  cornerstone of all our new builds is the combination of our high standards with our clients’s requirements.  Through this process we produce a structurally sound building which embodies respect for the environment and enhances our clients’ lifestyles.


Director Oliver Firth believes in building homes for his clients that meet their needs and aspirations whilst taking into consideration the constant advances in eco-friendly and sustainable building best practise.


Your New Home is About You….

…. your life, and your expectations.  At Firth Homes Ltd, that’s always been our understanding and our starting point.  It’s why we pursue excellence in everything from home design to personal service.  It’s why we won’t compromise on the quality or flexibility of your new home, and it’s why we don’t limit our imagination.

We enjoy the challenge of working with plans where attention to detail and understanding both the client and the architect’s vision is vital to create the overall statement that the new home is to embody.

We respect that you trust us to guide you through the building  process of your new home, and we acknowledge the privilege of being asked to share this experience with you.

If you would like to discuss how Firth Homes Ltd can assist you in your new build, please contact Oliver.